M is for Movement

“Go west!”

“Get on your bike!”

“Go seek your fortune!”

The migrant is the stuff of legend. The protagonist in a heroic story.

But everywhere elites order walls to be built, signs to be erected and dreams to be sunk – all too often literally.

Everywhere, the ruling class seeks to control the movement of human beings.

Sometimes migration is encouraged, made easy… easier.

At other times the ruling class makes it illegal, treacherous.

At the same time, money is free to move as it pleases – as its owners please.

Capital is perpetually mobile. It seeks out the lowest labour costs, the lowest taxes, the most lax regulations.

When our anger is organised, when we are strong, money tries to undermine us by playing divide and rule. It tries to deflect blame onto migrants, nomads, ‘foreigners’...

Money also tries to fool us by pretending that social mobility is the solution to our woes.

But what does that mean? Social mobility means escape. But only for a lucky few, who might clamber upwards through social structures which remain static, frozen. We want to explode those structures.

We don’t want social mobility. We want is social movement, social movements.

We want to transform the world, not only our place within it. We want to escape a world which crushes our hopes and constrains our desires. But if we are to make good our escape, we must all escape together.